Water & Wastewater: Industrial


The treatment of industrial effluent is a niche area for Project Assignments and has a good fit with the rest of our business.


Organic effluents


We offer pre-treatment systems such as screening, sedimentation and fats, oils and grease removal. Secondary treatment may take the form of aerobic or anaerobic systems and we can provide designs and plant for fixed film, activated sludge or high rate anaerobic processes, depending on the wastewater strength and characteristics. Our solutions will be selected to provide the best life cycle cost to the client, yielding useful byproducts where possible, e.g. biogas. Tertiary treatment can be installed where effluent re-use is desired or where an approach to zero liquid discharge is needed. Both membrane and thermal systems are available.

Inorganic effluents


In the field of inorganic effluents, we have experience in the design and construction of plants treating wastewater containing high acidity, heavy metals and acid mine drainage.

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