Pharmaceuticals: Liquids

We have been involved in the design and build of several pharmaceutical liquids plants, for the production of paediatric syrups, cough remedies and sterile liquids. Each of these facilities has some or all of the following features:

  • Batch production vessels with jackets for heating and cooling
  • Normal and high shear mixing of batch contents
  • Clean in Place (CIP) of tanks and pipelines
  • Steam in Place (SIP) of tanks and pipelines
  • Transfer of product between vessels and to filling, using sanitary pumps or clean air
  • Vacuum transfer of sugars
  • Fume extraction
  • All vessels, equipment, instruments and piping to sanitary or sterile standards (tri-clover fittings, unions, orbital welding, etc.)
  • Recipe-driven Human Machine Interface (HMI) control of batches

 Industries Served