We have a track record in the execution of projects in the Renewables sector, primarily in the areas of biogas and materials recovery from solid waste.


In the biogas space, we have executed contracts involving the generation and clean-up of gas originating from the treatment of high-organic strength wastewaters as well as the digestion of municipal sludges and other solid organic wastes. We have designed both high-rate and low-rate digestion systems, utilising both granular and flocculant sludge reactors.


We have expertise in the treatment of biogas, utilising biological scrubbers and activated carbon to remove moisture, siloxanes and hydrogen sulphides, as well as in membrane systems to upgrade the gas to pure methane and carbon dioxide. Utilisation of biogas in combined heat and power (CHP) engines is also part of our track record.


On the solid waste front, we have been the Engineer on projects involving the recovery of papers, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals from municipal solid waste.

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